Napo Campaigns

Napo's current campaigning priorities are: fighting government cuts to the Justice Sector and the privatisation and fragmentation of the Probation Service arising from the government's agenda of dismantling the public sector and highlighting the bureaucracy and workload problems faced by our members working in both Probation and Cafcass.

Probation Under Threat

The Ministry of Jusitce published its plans for privatising probation through outsourcing on 9 January 2013. Essentially, up to 70% of probation’s core work will be put out to competitive tender. Napo belives that the true motivation behind the announcement is to drive down costs and an ideological commitment on the part of the government to the private sector being the preferred bidder as opposed to state run services. If these plans proceed it will lead to fragmentation of the service, staff cuts (that is how the government will make its savings and the companies their profit) and will compromise public protection. Napo is campaigning vigourously against these plans.


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Napo Against the Far Right

Napo is campaigning alongside other anti-fascist and anti-racist campaign groups to combat fascism and the destructive presence of the far right.

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Veterans in the CJS

Napo is campainging about the number of and lack of support for ex-armed services personnel caught up in the criminal justice system. 

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Napo is also affiliated to the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group which was launched at the TUC in 2008 with the aim of bringing together like-minded unions who have existing parliamentary groups to co-ordinate and campaign across all sectors.   

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 Napo is affiliated to the following campaigns


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 Ammesty International

Download a copy of the latest TU Alert with an article by Jonathan Ledger, Napo General Secretary TUAlert Spring 2011

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Justice for Colombia


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Cuba Solidarity


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Hward League Take Action 2010


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 The Robin Hood Tax