About Napo

Napo is a trade union, professional association and campaigning group. We carry out a wide range of activities.

As a Trade Union . . .

  • Napo represents more than 9000 probation and family court staff throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Is recognised nationally and locally by employers, the Home Office and CAFCASS.
  • Is the majority union within the negotiating machinery for probation and CAFCASS.
  • Provides advice, representation and legal services for members involved in discipline and capability proceedings.
  • Provides personal and confidential advice for members who have a grievance against their employers.
  • Is affiliated to Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU). Napo's role in drawing the attention of other trade unionists to criminal justice and social policy issues helps harness support for progressive reform.
  • Has positive policies and a commitment to combat racism and other forms of discrimination and oppression.
  • Provides education and training to groups of members including those with local union responsibility.
  • Continues to develop ways in which the interests of minority groups within membership are protected and promoted.
  • Requires its members to take on an anti-racist approach and to support Napo's anti-racist stance.

As a Professional Association . . .

  • Is the representative voice of staff in matters affecting our work within the Criminal and Family Justice systems.
  • Seeks to influence and improve the work of the National Probation Service and CAFCASS.
  • Formulates and develops progressive policies on probation and family justice issues.
  • Seeks to influence and improve pre- and post-qualification training.
  • Campaigns against and seeks to influence legislation and practice developments which it regards as discriminatory or repressive.

As a Campaigning Group . . .

  • Campaigns for positive change in the Family and Criminal Justice Systems.
  • In coalition with others seeks positive change in social policy legislation and welfare provision.
  • Exerts influence on Government, the Opposition, the executive and public opinion through the publication of briefing papers.
  • Drafts Parliamentary Bills, amendments and questions.
  • Proportionate to its size, has a successful media impact on family and criminal justice issues.
  • Has established close and influential links with MPs and Lords of all parties.
  • Campaigns effectively with the other trade unions with members working in the Family and Criminal Justice Systems.
  • Opposes racism in all its forms and is committed to combating racism, discrimination and oppression.