Why Join Napo

10 good reasons to join Napo

  • Napo is the only specialist union and professional association in the probation service and Cafcass. We understand the issues.

  • Napo negotiates your pay and conditions. We represent members´ interests.

  • Napo locally provides trained representatives who can advise you about work-related issues. We can help with problems.

  • Napo has health and safety representatives who deal with live issues like stress and bullying. We work to protect you.

  • Napo offers members a wide range of legal and financial services. We can save you money.

  • Napo is directly involved in the training bodies and professional organisations relevant to your work. We influence your career through them.

  • Napo is an effective campaigning organisation around criminal justice and social policy issues. We can make things change.

  • Napo has strong commitment to combating racism and other forms of discrimination. We are positive about diversity.

  • Napo members are directly involved at all levels of the union´s democracy. We do what members decide.

  • Napo is a strong union and together, we will be stronger. We want you to join and help make that happen.

If you would like to join Napo you will need to sign up locally. To find out who your Napo Branch Membership Secretary is, or to ask anything else you want to know about being a Napo member, contact us on 020 7223 4887 or email: membership@napo.org.uk.