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General Secretary's Blog - Message from Tom Rendon, National Co-Chair
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  Message from Tom Rendon, National Co-Chair
Last week saw much campaigning activity- both face to face and over the blog and twitter spheres. A drop-in meeting for MP's at the House of Commons last Wednesday was arranged by Harry Fletcher and Kath Falcon. Megan Elliot, Nick Smith, Mike McClelland, Annoesjka Valent, Harry and I all attended to brief MP's on why they should oppose the government's plans. 25 MP's attended (you can usually expect around 5 or 6) and all were supportive and many were willing to ask questions in the House and support our campaign. When we raised the spectre of Serco, G4S and Sodexho lining up to bid for contracts there was palpable concern and a real energy to stop it. Many had been to visit their local Trust and spoke highly of the work they had seen.

We often hear that we have a lower profile than other public services and that's true, but we shouldn't overstate it. People know that we do good work with offenders and know that privatisation and transfer to global security companies is not a wise move. It's a decent basis for members to have a conversation and continue increasing our support. One of the risks in the consultation is that small, local charities will be washed away in the sell off and this prospect has virtually no wider support.

Meanwhile, electronic campaigning is well underway and the numbers of people getting involved is really encouraging. We would remind people that the official Napo 'line' is right here and on our campaign blog. You can also link to our facebook page from the website and follow us on twitter @Napo_News

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