News Item

Allegations against Napo and its former employee Mr Jonathan Ledger

Dear Colleague,

We refer to the various tweets, postings and blogs on the BARAC website from Mr Lee Jasper.

There is a reporting restriction order on the Employment Tribunal proceedings that have been mentioned in the various postings. This means that the parties cannot be named. To breach this is to potentially be in contempt of Court. For that reason, legal proceedings have now been issued against Lee Jasper. Our advice to members is to not re-tweet or otherwise promote defamatory statements or other information relating to the Tribunal.

Napo is legally bound by this Order and it is not possible to issue the type of statement that some members have called for. Meanwhile the Napo Officer Group can confirm that these serious allegations were denied strenuously at the time of the Tribunal proceedings and this position remains unchanged. We have therefore decided to remove the link that previously appeared on the Napo forum page as we do not believe that a Napo forum should be associated with this.

Napo takes any issue relating to racism and sexism extremely seriously and we are committed to a zero tolerance approach to oppression and discrimination. In accordance with natural justice, we would ask members to suspend judgment until the findings of the Employment Tribunal are made.

A full statement on the situation relating to the employment status of the former General Secretary was made to the National Executive Committee in closed session on 4th February 2013.


Tom Rendon and Lisa Robinson
Napo Co-Chairs