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  Pickles pension pandemonium
The frenetic pace of pensions negotiations continued on Monday and Tuesday this week and some of those tensions emerged in our union side meetings. It was always the case that unity of action would be easier to agree than unity of outcome but there is a firm collective commitment to getting the very best from negotiations for members.

The Government continues to fluff its lines and the debacle yesterday over the Eric Pickles letter which came and went in a flash of confusion illustrated the point . Its withdrawal was not enough to immediately reassure some of the bigger unions that there is not some double dealing going on within the ConDem ranks.

There will be a break for the holiday season but the issue will remain of the highest priority in 2012. Heads of agreement (where agreed) are significant but they do not represent a settlement and there is some hard negotiating ahead. As all the unions have made clear, if an offer which is good enough to put to members cannot be achieved the option of further strike action remains.

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