Six Book Challenge

Please remember to inform your local ULR or a member of the ULF Project Team if you take part in this event.


The Six Book Challenge invites less confident readers to read six books and record their reading in a diary in order to receive incentives, a certificate and the chance to enter a national prize draw. Participating organisations such as colleges, prisons and workplaces also have the chance to enter prize draws to win a visit by a top author.

The Reading Agency launched the Six Book Challenge in 2008. Since then an estimated 39,500 people have registered for the scheme and 17,000 have completed it. The idea is to help people get into reading - in many cases for the first time - and it works!

Most participants read books to take part in the Six Book Challenge but the scheme can be used to introduce people to text in lots of different formats such as magazines, newspapers, websites and even digital games. This can be particularly effective if participants are right at the start of their reading journey and need material that is both accessible and of interest to them. There are over 900 reading recommendations on our Find a Read database to help your selection.

Unionlearn is working with the Reading Agency to encourage more workplaces to get involved in the Six Books Challenge this year.

The main activity for the Six Book Challenge will run from January to September, but learning centres and learning projects are welcome to run it at any time that suits them during the year.

Workplaces that run the Six Book Challenge can:

  • engage people in the enjoyment of reading - often for the first time
  • support skills development and encourage employees at all levels to take up learning
  • inject creativity into the workplace and lead to other activities such as book swaps, reading groups and creative writing
  • raise awareness and membership of public and workplace libraries
  • provide a common goal for different levels of staff and break down barriers
  • offer a practical tool for partnership working in support of learning.

The Reading Agency offers packs for purchase, including reading diaries, certificates and publicity material and incentives to encourage participants.  Downloadable guidance, email support and practical training sessions are also available.


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