What does a ULR do?

The duties undertaken by each ULR will be guided by the Learning and Development Agenda within Napo, alongside the Learning Agreement which has been negotiated with the employer. These could include:

Promoting the value of training and learning to staff members, including Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Providing information about training and learning to staff members

Arranging training and learning opportunities

Analysing training needs

Consulting with the employer about training and learning

Promoting union policies on training and learning

Promoting the annual Learning At Work Day event

Work in partnership with the employer's staff development team

Help deliver Sector Skills Council agreements in the workplace

Preparation to carry out any of the above activities


ULRs will be required to keep records of individuals that they work with, along with any events undertaken. Once a quarter, these figures will need to be reported back to the ULF Project Team.

ULRs will be required to report to Branch meetings regarding their activities and a representative may, if desired by the Branch, become a member of the Branch Executive.

At least one ULR in each Trust/Area/Section should sit on the Workplace and Development Committee.