How are ULRs trained and developed?

Napo will ensure that ULRs are sufficiently trained to qualify for time off in line with the requirements of the Employment Act 2002 and the ACAS Code of Practice. Paid time off is a statutory right to undertake the training.

ALL ULRs MUST complete the Stage 1 training.

The TUC courses are all accredited through the National Open College Network (NOCN). You can achieve formal recognition i.e. creadits for your learning. The NOCN is the body that awards these credits and issues certificates. Each certificate details the unit title (i.e. subject) and the level and number of credits that you have been awarded. You can bank your credits, then use them with credits from other accredited learning to achieve a qualification. You can progress to achieve higher level credits. You can use them to prove to an employer or anyone else that you have obtained new skills and knowledge.


ULR Training Stage 1 course - this is a 5-day accredited course and has 3 credits attached to it.

The course is designed for union representatives who are new to representing members on learning and introduces the role of the ULR, the importance of learning and skills at work and provides the tools and knowledge that will enable ULRs to carry out their role successfully. The course will help you to:

* understand union structures, and how Napo prganises around learning

* build a broad perspective of the ULR role

* find out about the developments in learning and appreciate issues affecting learning

* work with members and other representatives to define priorities

* take aplanned approach to your own and members' development

* develop the skills of putting the union case on learning at work collectively as part of the union team


ULR Training Stage 2 course - this is a 5-day accredited course and has 3 credits attached to it.

This course has been designed to provide ULRs with the opportunity to develop existing essential knowledge and skills in areas that are fundamental to their role. Activities will give ULRs the opportunity to learn from professionals about new initiatives, learning choices, how learning is funded, supporting learner's networks and the role of U-net centres. This course will help you to:

* take stock of your development and identify aspects for further work

* choose and carry out a small project to develop learning relevant to your union and workplace role

* look at how your role links with wider union and organising strategies

* explore and develop an equalities approach to working on learning, particularly in supporting learners

* build knowledge and skills on specific aspects of learning of interest to ULRs in the context of your union and workplace

* review your learning progress, look forward and plan your next steps


There are two options for undertaking both Stage 1 and Stage 2 training:

* via a 5 week course at your local TUC College - usually 1 day per week day release (more information on venues and dates can be found on the TUC website)

* via online based training for those reps that need a convenient and more flexibly delivered course. They are fully equivalent to the classroom based versions, with trained TUC tutors, materials and support for learners. Group activities take place via an online discussion board. Learners can log in and participate whenever it suits them and will receive support from TUC tutors specially qualified in online delivery methods.



Napo has been working aongside two other Trade Unions to run bespoke courses for those who wish to become ULRs.  The course is a condensed 3-day residential course and is usually held in Birmingham.  We expect the next one to take place in September 2013.  Please contact Briony Sutcliffe if you wish to be considered for a place on this course.


PLEASE NOTE - when you have completed the training please ensure that you inform your Branch Chair AND the ULF Project Team so that we can amend our records accordingly and also inform your Trust/Area/Section that you are qualified to undertake the role as required under the Employment Law Act and the ACAS Regulations.


ULR Awards within the 'Trade Unions Today' pathways - certificates, Awards, Diplomas and progression to Higher Education (some examples):

* Equalities

*Coaching and Mentoring

* Supportin Learners

* Skills Development

* Employment Law

* Information, Advice and Guidance

* ULRs can go on to HE through University Degree programmes

* ULRs can continue to update their knowledge through attending further Award programmes

Further information can be obtained from the ULF Project Team of the TUC Regional Education Officers.