Who can become a ULR?

ULRs are elected or appointed according to the rules of the Trade Union and hence MUST be union members before undertaking the mandatory accredited Stage 1 training. Some may be experienced union reps, but at Napo we are keen to encourage members without a previous history of union activity to take up the role and particularly members from under-represented groups in the workforce such as LGBT members, disabled members, BME members and female members.

The number of ULRs will reflect the principle that every member of staff (whether or not they are union members) should have access to the services of a ULR. Appointments of ULRs should be made with due regard to organisational needs and employee numbers - as a guide, Napo is looking to recruit 1 ULR per every 50 employees, with at least 1 ULR in each office base/workplace setting.

The process for selecting ULRs will in the first instance be managed through local branches/section. Branches/section are asked to put firward individuals who have an interest in learning and development.

However, if there are difficulties in securing a Branch nomination, then those interested in becoming a ULR should contact their Regional ULR Project Manager.