Napo's Learning & Development Strategy

Napo is committed to the Continued Professional Development (CPD) of it's members and has historically played a key role in steering the development of professional training and qualifications for probation staff, particularly PSO and equivalent grades.

Within the new Probation Vocational Qualification Implementation Steering Group, Napo ensured that all aspects were Equality Impact Assessed including Further and Higher Education.

Napo is also committed to the Personal Development of it's members and provides information on training courses and qualifications provided by parnter agencies, such as Skills for Justice, General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU), Ruskin College and Northern College, to name but a few.

Since the start of the ULF project across all Trade Unions, three quarters of a million learning opportunities have been accessed. Within Napo, the figures break down to:

142 ULRs trained (although not all are active)

3,850 accredited learning opportunities accessed - including Continued Professional Development(this is not just job related, it also encompasses PERSONAL development), ICT skills (computer), Skills for Life, NVQs and informal adult education. For many undertaking informal adult education, this has improved confidence and enabled learners to move on to more formal education.


Napo ULF Team Contact Details

Jonathan Ledger: Telephone: 0207 223 4887


Marilyn Owens: Mobile 07852 502 325

(covers London, Midlands, North West and Yorkshire & Humberside)


Briony Sutcliffe: Mobile: 07943 827 353

(covers South West, South East, Eastern England and North East)


Aziz Bouleghlimat: Mobile: 07810 854 285

(covers Wales)


Jacqui Paryag: Telephone: 0207 223 4887