TUC Organising Academy

Please remember to inform your local ULR or a member of the ULF Project Team if you attend any of these courses.

Building Stronger Unions Training Programme 2011/12

Organising, Campaigning and Leadership


Since 1998, the Organising Academy has made a significant contribution towards the development and practice of organising within the UK trade union movement. As the challenges faced by the movement intensify, the Organising Academy continues to evolve and our 2011/12 programme offers a range of innovative programmes specifically designed to help union increase membership, participation and their effectiveness in today’s even more challenging environment.

(Brendan Barber, TUC General Secretary).



Through our partnership with Ruskin College, all of our qualification courses are fully accredited and are offered free of charge. Those attending an accredited course will be required to produce a portfolio of learning. Tutors will support  participants to complete this work. All accredited courses are offered free of charge; short courses incur a charge of £200 per person. Other charges apply for leadership courses.

Napo added notes: Leadership courses could cost in the region of £500 per person.  Funding is not available through National Napo to undertake either the short courses or the leadership courses.



There are two ways that you can apply for our courses:

• using the application form found athe back of the booklet attached below


OA Programme 2011 12 pdf


• online at www.tuc.org.uk

We will aim to acknowledge your application as soon as we have received it. Final joining instructions will be sent out three weeks before the start of the course. If you are not able to attend, please let us know so that we can offer your place to  another colleague.



Strategic Research (short course)

Course aims:

This course provides officers, organisers, researchers or other union staff with the skills to conduct effective strategic research to assist in the selection of organising targets, the development of campaigns and the allocation and use of resources.


• understanding company ownership
• analysing ownership
• identifying leverage.



3–5 July 2012