TUC e-notes


The eNote is online and as such is fully portable and can be used as both as a learning tool and as a handy reference resource. It has been developed by TUC Education, using specialist policy officers, as well as its considerable experience of workforce education, to develop the eNote. With endless possibilities in the training and development area, this is also a boon for HR practitioners, line managers and a variety of organisations that need to have accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips. The information can be accessed at leisure and can be paused and repeated to suit your pace and interest.


Liz Rees, TUC Trade Union Education Manager said:

'Trade unions have always been at the forefront of widening participation in education and training and with eNotes, we can disseminate vital knowledge to anyone who can get online. eNotes have the potential to revolutionise learning, bringing education to people at their fingertips - on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, or desk tops. Sign up at www.tuclearning.net.