TUC Workplace Manual (New)

The TUC have produced a manual to provide practical advice for trade union workplace representatives on issues they are likely to encounter in dealing with a range of issues that can arise in the workplace.

It will be of use not only to stewards but also to anyone who represents, advises or supports members in the workplace, including learning, equality, green and health and safety representatives.

Cost £18 for members, £30 for non-members.

NB - although Napo is a member of the TUC you will need to order these manuals individually as Napo can not cover the cost.  It may well be worth a phone call to the TUC office to see if you can get them at the £18 members costs via your local Branch funds - please ensure you have spoken to the Branch Chair/Treasurer for permission before doing this.


For more information, visit:

TUC: https://www.tuc.org.uk/publications/viewPub.cfm?frmPubID=641