Right to Request Time to Train

Right to Request Time to Train

The right to request time to train came into operation from 6 April 2010 for employers with workers of 250 or more.

There are a number of resources available for trade unions to use to help promote awareness of the right and confidence in exercising it.


New Revised Edition (April 2011) Right to Request Time to Train: A Guide for Trade Unions and Union Representatives

This guidance has been written for trade union representatives to promote the use of the right and to help members use it to best effect.  Whilst it is anticipated that union learning reps will play a major role in supporting the take-iup of the right, this guidance also recognises that in many workplaces other union reps will be involved in negotiating directly with employers.


Right to Request Time to Train pdf



Campaign for Learning Activities: Time to Tain? Time to Talk!

Unionlearn has teamed up with the Campaign for Learning to promote the right to request time to train through the 'Time to train? Time to Talk!' initiative.  This may be a useful tool to plan Learning At Work Day events around.  The date for this year's Learning At Work Day is 17 May 2012.


The Learning At Work Day mini-guide to the right to request time to train


RTRTTmini guide updated pdf


Resources to support the implementation and promotion of the right to request time to train can be found here:



Downloadable Graphics and Posters can be found at: