Strategic Priorities and Goals


  • A broad-based Napo - that protects and promotes the interests of all members in the context of the changing skills mix in the National Probation Service and Cafcass.
  • A strong Napo - with high membership levels, recognition and negotiating rights.
  • An accessible Napo - with structures and services open to all members and the full implementation of Napo´s Action Plan on Race and Action Plan on Disability.
  • An efficient and professional Napo - with good management training and development of staff to ensure the best use of all resources, including the improved use of information technology.


Protecting and Promoting Members' Interests

  • Job security for members with improved pay and conditions taking account of the structural changes arising from the modernisation programme, the introduction of the National Probation Service and Cafcass.
  • Maintenance of professional integrity of members' work and ensuring training continues to be developed to the highest standards for all members.
  • Safe, anti-discriminatory working environment for all members alongside realistic workloads.

For the Criminal and Family Justice Systems

  • Effective promotion and protection of the core tasks, values, integrity and identity of both the National Probation Service and Cafcass.
  • Adequate funding to meet the needs of each service.
  • Successful use of all possible influence in every arena to ensure the development of criminal and family justice policy which are anti-discriminatory, humane and based on good practice.

Strengthening Napo

  • Large membership base.
  • Most effective and efficient structure and organisation that ensures fullest involvement of all members and all groups of members within a coherent financial strategy, and with the best use of information technology.
  • High quality provision of accessible representation and other services for all members.
  • Strong branches and effective representatives with maximum recognition and negotiation rights and adequate time of for trade union duties.
  • Efficient training programme to equip representatives to meet trade union and equal rights responsibilities.
  • Effective role and influence in pursuit of Napo's policies and objectives with Government, the public and the wider trade union movement.