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At last years AGM in Eastbourne Napo launched its campaign of resistance. We are committed

  • to resist this governments’ intended plans for the Probation Service and Family Courts
  • to resist the attack on public sector pensions
  • to resist the imposition of austerity measures that will push the most vulnerable in society further into poverty.

Napo, as a Professional Association, continues to campaign to protect professional values being at the heart of Probation and Family Court work and as a Trade Union to defend the Terms and Conditions enjoyed by staff.

Join the resistance and be part of a future that works for all! 

Once you have become a member you will receive a free limited edition Napo Centenary Pen and Napo Centenary Coffee Mug.  Click here to see what membership types are available and reasons why you should join.

If you were encouraged to become a member by an existing Napo Member you can nominate them to receive their own free limited edition Napo Centenary Pen and a Napo Centenary Coffee Mug.*  

*Only Existing Napo members can be nominated to receive the limited edition promotional items.  Each Napo Member will receive a maximum of 5 Napo Pens and 5 Coffee mugs regardless of number of nominations.

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