Napo TNG - music to my ears! Volunteer to work at 2012 music festivals with Workers Beer Company and raise money for Edridge

Napo is registered as a Workers’ Beer Company (WBC) volunteer group which allows Napo to send groups of members to work as volunteer servers at various music festivals around the country. As a volunteer you don’t get paid, but you get free entry to the festival, a couple of drinks when your shift is over, and when you’re not working (shifts are usually 6 hours long) you can enjoy the music and atmosphere of the festivals.  WBC provide a secure campsite for volunteers, with toilets, showers and a subsidezed canteen and bar. This year’s festivals are  Leeds, Reading & Glastonbury. If you’re interested please download the form here, complete it and email it back to Please note we can only register Napo members, and the form and an accompanying electronic passport-type head & shoulders photo is needed back by 31st March. When Napo has been informed of the number of places it’s been allocated by WBC, we’ll get back in touch with interested members and distribute places accordingly.

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Useful things for getting organised.....

Organising and Recruitment Guide

Over the last 12 months Napo has recruited over 1000 members. Branches and the Family Court Section are to be congratulated on this achievement.  However, as a union we face challenging times ahead, which will impact on our ability to function at both a national and local level.

This booklet -  Napo's Guide to Organising and Recruitment will prove to be a valuable additional resource for your executive committee.  It will help you develop activism further amongst the membership and strengthen Napo's voice in the workplace.

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Three-Year Organising Strategy

The Trade Union Organising (TUO) Committee has provided a platform and given priority to 'organising' issues in Napo.  This strategic plan will build on the work of the committee and the achievements and strengths of the 'Organising and Recruitment Plan 2009'.

This strategy paper -  Napo 3-Year Organising Strategy  sets out Napo's vision over the coming years on how we will seek to increase membership and the activism of members.

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These posters are a great way to promote and raise the profile of Napo in the workplace.  If you have a Napo noticeboard in your office please print off these posters and pin them up.  Alternatively, get in touch with your local Branch/Section and they can order further full colour copies from Chivalry Road head office.  We also have a number of Napo-badged promotion items for distribution at local events.

Poster: Napo and You 

Napo and You (Welsh) 1

Napo and You (Welsh) 2

Poster - 10 Good Reasons to join Napo

Poster - Unpaid Work Values

Poster (A3) - Approved Premises Values

If you are an elected officer of your Branch/Section, you can order posters and promotional items direct from head office - please email  stating your Branch or Section's name, your elected position, and membership number. Please remember to include the postal address to which you would like the material sent.

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Napo on the March : click here for pictures from the TUC March for the Alternative, 26th March 2011