H&S Reps

Health & Safety Information in Probation and Cafcass

Are you from CAFCASS?  - Napo's Family Court Section?  The organisation's H&S policies and info are available from the CAFCASS Intranet and if you are on an external computer, you will find the main basic H&S info on the CAFCASS website, at http://www.cafcass.gov.uk/recruitment/resources_for_cafcass_staff/policies.aspx,  in a subsection called 'Policies and Guidance for External Practitioners'  - the main H&S ones available are:     http://www.cafcass.gov.uk/pdf/Cafcass_-_SP06_Accident reporting[2].pdf, (This document has much more than just accident reporting), http://www.cafcass.gov.uk/pdf/Cafcass_-_SP09_Lone_working[1].pdf, and http://www.cafcass.gov.uk/pdf/Cafcass_-_SP10_The_control_of_violence_and_aggression.pdf 

Napo Family Court Section representatives meet regularly with CAFCASS at the national Health & Safety Steering Group (HSSG) to update policy and procedures. Advice & support for H&S Reps or info about H&S queries can be accessed via the Family Court convenors for the region in which you work.

Are you from Probation? - All H&S-related info is centralised in the national Health & Safety Policy Manual  National H&S Manual  and the local Boards/Trusts should follow these procedures or, if they have continued to use local procedures, these should be equivalent to, or better than, those in the National Manual. Napo worked closely in a partnership arrangement with the HSE and the  NPD (National Probation Directorate, just before it became NOMS) to develop the Manual and this work continues via the national Health & Safety Forum which meets quarterly and works to keep the Manual updated.

In Napo's Probation branches, H&S Reps usually have elected convenor roles on local Branch Executives plus one or more general H&S Reps, so that the workplaces within a Probation Area are covered.


Health & Safety Reps' Resources from the TUC

The TUC has now published a resource pack for health and safety representatives - follow this link: http://www.tuc.org.uk/workplace/tuc-18484-f0.cfm This includes three new publications: an introduction to being a health & safety representative; a guide to reporting, and information on what to expect if an inspector visits.  The last document includes a link to the actions that inspectors are recommended to take when they enounter breaches of the various regulations on consultation. Unions are welcome to customise this as they wish.


Upcoming Training:

  •  Tuesday 4th December 2012 "Health and Safety in a cold climate" - London

Our next H&S Training will look at making the case for effective local H&S in an environment where central enforcement is more myth than reality. It will also explore making best use of health and safety committees and protecting and promoting the positive role of local H&S Reps. Advance registration essential. Closing date: 21 November.  Booking forms available from Margaret Pearce mpearce@napo.org.uk


  • TUC Stage 1 H&S Training for H&S Reps

All Napo H&S Reps are encouraged to try & do the TUC's Stage 1 H&S Training.  The sessions run at many local adult & further education colleges round the country -usually one day a week for 12 weeks or 4 sets of 3 days. Details of the course outlines and starting dates can be found on the TUC's UnionLearn website: http://www.unionlearn.org.uk/



Health and Safety Aspects of IT 

In May 2010 a successful training event in Birmingham for H&S Reps featured a useful document from the days of the NPS: the 'Guide to the Health and Safety Aspects of IT Management for the NPS', which provides a good basis for monitoring and addressing risks associated with unsatisfactory IT - both harware and software. Warning! At over 200 pages, you wouldn't want to casually print it off but there are many valuable "checklist" pages: it is well worth a browse. Health & Safety Aspects of IT - NPS Manual


The Training event also had useful info specifically on Assistive Technology (AT) for disabled staff.  Reference was made to Access to Work support in terms of training on, and provision of, AT software - notably JAWS and Dragon.  Information on the Access to Work programme can be found at www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk



Latest Leaflets

Simple Napo 1-sided Leaflet on Home Visiting and Lone Working can be printed off via this link:Safety for home visits & lone working
2-sided Napo Leaflet on being a H&S Rep can be printed off via this link: Being a Napo H&S Rep1319474138827


Fire Risk Assessments and Office Inspections - Checklists

Arising from a recent Napo H&S Training Day, here are some useful NPS and CAFCASS checklists:

Fire Risk Assessment - currently called "Fire Protection" - NPS H&S Manual - HS 11

CAFCASS Fire Risk Assessment - SP12 - Risk Assessment and CAFCASS Fire Risk Assessment SP12 Appendix B with Assessment Form

Workplace Inspection - CAFCASS  and Workplace Inspection - NPS (from H&S Manual section on Measuring and Reviewing Performance

The current Probation Fire Risk Assessment section of the NPS H&S Policy Manual is under review.  A new draft assessment has been produced, consisting of FRA Guidance, FRA Emergency Action Plan, FRA Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans and FRA Guidance on the HSE's '5-Steps' approach. Even though it has yet to be finally signed off, it is worthy of dissemination in its current draft form, being a substantial improvement on the existing arrangement.


Are you sitting comfortably? - HSE guidance on IT setups

Attention to good IT setups at work and at home  can help prevent problems with wrists, backs, necks, eyesight and work-related upper limb disorders (WRULD’s). The HSE (Health & Safety Executive)http://www.hse.gov.uk has useful advice, photographs of correct setups, and free leaflets, via http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg36.pdf  and http://www.hse.gov.uk/msd/dse/guidance.htm