Women in Napo - Organisation

Napo does not have  a formal Women’s Committee.  Further details can be obtained from Shireena Suleman at ssuleman@napo.org.uk.

In July 2011 a Women’s Strategy was signed off at the National Executive Committee meeting. The strategy is found in the Values and Vision section of the WiN page. The steering group for the strategy will be meeting quarterly. It is made up of volunteers from the branches. This strategy is the mechanism which will address concerns of women members throughout the Napo year. Its first year will be independently evaluated by Professor Gill Kirton from Queen Mary University in London. Gill has spent her career partly working alongside trade unions in the UK and abroad, and has a specific interest in women’s roles and activities in trade unions.

Napo organises a bi-annual Women in Napo Conference.  The next one is in Cardiff in 2013.  There is a specific steering group which organises this conference - this is due to start meeting in May 2012 and will be drawn from the host branch.

ERC Links:
Sarah Chapman (Sarah.Chapman@warwickshire.probation.gsi.gov.uk)
Lauren Salerno (Lauren.Salerno@Wales.probation.gsi.gov.uk)

Training and TUC:
Apart from the WiN conference, Napo formally organises a specific training event for women as part of its education programe. The public speaking course for women which is aimed at empowering women to speak at the AGM and other union forums is run on an annual basis.

There are numerous other courses which are run by Napo, TUC, GFTU. Links to the TUC and GFTU websites are here. We have also included links to other websites which provide general information and links to specific issues.