Women in Napo - Values & Vision

Napo Women’s strategy is a three year plan. This was put in place to enable Napo to direct its work on behalf of and for women members in a progressive and accountable way. Its progress is checked by the Women’s Strategy Steering group, which is made up of women members who have volunteered to join, and who are supported by their branches.

Strategy for Women in Napo, 2011 - 2014

Year 1 ( 2011 – 2012)

1. Establish frequency, venues and mandate and resolve any funding issues for the steering group.
2. Identify and formulate objectives.
3. Submit motion for debate at TUC Women’s conference in March 2011 (**see below).
4. Gather and analyse data and trends on recent history of women standing for elected office in Napo in the first year.
5. Open an interactive section of the Napo website to enable women in Napo to share and receive information and support in May 2011
6. Highlight the work of women activists in Napo News with a series of articles.
7. Collect and maintain data by gender on those in active positions (elected officers etc at national and branch level)
8. Work on and bring proposals to Officer/Officials and NEC about changes to the format for personal statements in elections for officers etc.
9. Identify any barriers and potential obstacles to the proportional participation by women in the leadership of Napo

Year 2 (May 2012 – May 2013)

1. Review the WiN page on the website
2. Promote a revised format for election address/personal statements in Officer elections with information to women who may consider applying
3. Pilot the new format for election address/personal statements in the 2012 Officer elections
4. Commemorate 30 years of Women in Napo, and 100 years of Women in Probation.
5. Review and revise objectives

Year 3 (May 2013 – May 2014)

1. Review the Women’s Strategy and impact of the changes in the election address format.
2. Review and revise objectives
3. Draft strategy for 2014-2017