Napo LGBT History Month Roadshows

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LGBT History Month takes place every year in the month of February.  As part of Napo’s celebrations for LGBT History month in 2019, we have joined forces with the Probation employers (in both the CRCs and the NPS), and the probation Staff Associations, (Pride in Prisons and Probation [PiPP] and Lesbian and Gay in Probation [LAGIP]) and together, we shall be delivering a series of LGB & T Roadshows across the country.  

The Roadshows will be an opportunity to raise the profile of LGB & T issues and additionally create a networking opportunity for those working in probation who identify as LGB & T and for those who support advancing equality in the workplace and in probation practice.  Participants at the Roadshows will get to hear from a range of keynote speakers as well as getting involved in a workshop to find out about the issues that matter to you.

The Roadshow is open to all who self-identify as LGB & T and anyone who identifies as an ally. Please complete the registration form on the link below if you are interested in attending:

Registration form



Friday, February 1, 2019 to Friday, March 1, 2019