Professional webinars from Napo and the Probation Journal

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Last month Napo teamed up with the probation journal to put on a series of professional webinars on the theme of resettlement. These focussed on the December special issue of the journal guest edited by professor Lol Burke and professor Peter Raynor on the topic of: Resettlement and Reintegration: Policy and Practice.

The series of webinar concluded with a live and lively Q&A Session with all the presenters which was attended by 25 people.

The webinar series:

  • Resettlement after short prison sentences: what might work in england and wales - Professor Peter Raynor
  • Post-sentence supervision: a case study of the extension of community resettlement support for short sentence – Dr Matt Cracknel
  • Resettlement and the case for women - Dr Jane Dominey and Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe

And the recording of the Q&A session are still available to watch.

Monday, February 22, 2021 to Monday, March 22, 2021