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Napo regularly publishes briefing papers for members, parliamentarians and the press. You can download selected publications below.

Napo concerns in relation to ViSOR vetting (August 2018)

Probation Pension Crisis (May 2018)

Offender Management in Custoday - Napo's View (April 2018)

The TR Revolution Starts Here - a Briefing for the Welsh Assembly Event (Feburary 2018)

Does Probation need to be Ofsted-ed? (October 2017)

Professional Values and Workload Pressure: the results of Napo’s survey of Probation and Family Court members on the impact of high workloads on staff and service delivery

Purple Futures CRC Stress Survey Report

Napo Summary of Key Manifesto Pledges (General Election June 2017)

Napo's Manifesto Demands - General Election June 2017

Briefing for Justice Select Committee 20 March 2017

Proposed changes to the operationand effectiveness of Community Rehabilitation Companies January 2017

Domestic Violence in Family Courts 13 September 2016

Probation System Review Interim Submission 14 July 2016

Napo Submission to the Public Accounts Committee 4 July 2016

Napo Submission to the Public Accounts Committee 28 June 2016

Strategic Issues facing the probation service April 2016

Parliamentary Briefing - PSRs 21 March 2016

HMIP – Probation Inspection Report January 2015 Transforming Rehabilitation – Early implementation 4

Employment Relations and Working Conditions in Probation after Transforming Rehabilitation: with a special focus on gender and union effects - Gill Kirton and Cécile Guillaume, September 2015

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Probation Report into the early implementation of TR changes (A briefing for MPs - 15 December 2014)

Probation Transforming Rehabilitation Concerns - A briefing for MPs (July 2014)

Transforming Rehabilitation - A briefing for the Welsh Assembly (6th May 2014)

Transforming Rehabilitation - The Risks (April 2014)

Violent criminals, sex offenders, convicted robbers and gang members set to be supervised by private security firms (May 2013)

Electronic Tagging - A flawed system (June 2012)

Probation Domestic Abuse Programmes and Budgets (March 2012)

Stalking and Harassment - a study of perpetrators (October 2011)

Huge Rise in Recalls of Dangerous Prisoners (July 2011)