Who to Contact

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Subject Area Contact
Initial contact
General enquiries including joining Napo, conference and training arrangements, press releases, committee arrangements, career information, branch and committee officials, link officers.

Margaret Pearce

Membership applications, joining packs, subscription rates, liaison with branch membership secretaries, Direct Debits

(Anne Burbidge &
Jacqui Paryag)

Research and Information
Affiliations, general enquiries
Margaret Pearce
Policies and Publications/Non-Napo subscriptions to Napo News and ICCJ Monograph Taytula Burke
Branch grants, AGM funding, members' expense claims.
Theresa Boorman
Terms and Conditions of Employment
Advice on negotiations, conditions of employment, members' representation

Dean Rogers
Cynthia Griffith

Health and Safety

Sarah Friday
Margaret Pearce

Pensions Dean Rogers
Professional issues
Probation and Family Court policy and practice

Mike McClelland
Deirdre Heinrich

Training issues
Developing and monitoring national training standards, liaison with external professional training bodies

Mike McClelland
Deirdre Heinrich

Campaigns and Media
Press and media, campaigns, parliamentary liaison, briefings, Napo News

Tania Bassett
Taytula Burke

Union training (Napo members)
Representation and negotiation skills

Ranjit Singh
Cynthia Griffith

Equal Rights

Ranjit Singh