The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge - October 2016

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The following is a brief article on a fund-raising event that took place as part of NAPSAC walking group in October 2016 at Hawes, North Yorkshire.

(For more information on the group, please visit the NAPSAC page on the NAPO website).
There were 13 starters and 12 finishers. We started at 7.12 am from Horton (although most of the group had been up 2 hours beforehand). Unfortunately one of the group began to feel unwell before we started to ascend Pen Y Ghent and had to withdraw. We lost some time in order to make sure she could be picked up, but then we pushed on. The weather was dismal, but not overtly hostile. The first two summits, Pen y Ghent and Whernside were covered in cloud, thus removing any desire to stop and admire the non-existent view. There was a wide age-ange from the youngest at 26 and eldest aged 81 years young! For much of the time it was a case of "Hares" and "Tortoises". As a Tortoise, one saw the back of the heads of the Hares for the most part! They would shoot off and then kindly stop; allowing the Tortoises to catch up.
Meeting up with the first support team at Ribblehead at 11.20 am with hot drinks, cake and smiles of welcome was a morale-raiser; similarly when arriving later at the second check point at Chapel-le-Dale. The cloud lifted in the late afternoon/evening, giving us better views of and from Ingleborough; our last peak of the day.  The going was good, much-improved from 1977 (when this challenge was first achieved as a fundraiser for Edridge by napsac - made up of different participants, but with one of the originals, Colin Lawson, taking part 39 years later). Despite well-laid paths the 5-mile descent back to Horton become something of a slog; the very rutted, uneven, limestone track was hard on tired feet. The walk finished - within our 12-hour target, at 11 hours, 35 minutes and 9 seconds - in the closing minutes of daylight. It was the kind of co-operative effort in the best traditions of the Probation Service…
As a result of of all the meet participants` efforts, and those of our many members, family and friends who sponsored us, we raised a total of £1,168.
A cheque for £888 was sent to to Edridge and £280 to The Howard League.
Caroline Coggin (NAPSAC Chair)
If you are interested in learning more about NAPSAC please visit the NAPSAC page on the NAPO website or contact:
Tel: 07712 573600  or  01772 601168