8 Reasons for a Reunited Probation Service

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Reason 1 - We have a two-tier workforce for pay, conditions and professional standards - READ MORE

Reason 2 - Marketisation has failed for clients, staff, public and CRCs themselves as none of them have made any profit - READ MORE

Reason 3 - Public safety is compromised with a 21% increase in SFOs and communtiy safety completely undermined by a divided organisation READ MORE

Reason 4 - No local accountabiity or meaningfulinvolvement with stakeholders by the NPS or the CRCs READ MORE

Reason 5 - NPS is paralysed by bureaucracy, inefficiency and centralisation of processes. A one size fits all appproach doesn not work READ MORE

Reason 6 - Staff burnout in the NPS due to working solely with high risk and complex cases are having a detrimental impact on staff wellbeing READ MORE

 Briefing 7 -  No end to end management which is proven to be the most effective for desistance READ MORE

Briefing 8 - The need for profit has driven out the third sector organisations vital for local support READ MORE