Family Court Section

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About us

Napo is the largest trade union within Cafcass.

Family Court members are organised in the Family Court Section (FCS) of Napo. The section meets five times a year to discuss issues such as health and safety, negotiating including pay and conditions and professional and training issues. 

Family Court section representatives and National Officials progress these subjects at consultation and negotiaitng meetings with Cafcass, and through our campaigning work.

What makes Napo special:

  • We are a professional association as well as a trade union, so we can ensure your best interests in all aspects of your work.
  • Family Court Committee - We have a committee that meets three times a year to discuss and develop policies and guidance on professional practice issues. If you would like to get involved please contact Jacqui Paryag, Napo administrator for the committee.
  • Family Court Conference.- FCS activists organise a yearly conference, which is an opportunity for our members to get together to listen to experts in the field.


Family Court Section Special Report

Click here for full report


Family Court Section AGM

The 2016 FCS AGM will take place on the morning of Thursday 29 September at St David's Hall, Cardiff from 11.00-13.00 in the Lefel 1 Studio within the centre.

For more information contact

National Vice Chair: Jay Barlow or Jay.Barlow@CAFCASS.GSI.GOV.UK

Section Co-Chairs: Steve Hornby or Nikki Kenney



Family Court Professional Conference 2016 - The Royal Angus Hotel, Birmingham

Click here for full report


Napo guidance on professional standards and family court practice 2012

Napo Family Court representatives write circulars advising members on practice issues and in 2012 published ‘Napo Guidance on Professional Standards and Family Court Practice’. They also respond on behalf of Napo to Government consultations.

We are a democratic trade union:

  • Section policy is agreed at the FC SAGM (Family Court Section Annual General Meeting) - which any member is entilted to attend
  • The SAGM elects the Section Executive Commmittee (SEC)
  • The FCS elects two representatives to the Napo’s National Executive Committee.
  • The FCS elects a Napo National Vice-Chair

This means Family Court members voice is at the heart of Napo

For help and advice on workplace issues contact:

National Vice Chair: Jay Barlow or Jay.Barlow@CAFCASS.GSI.GOV.UK

Co-chairs of the FCS:
Nicki Kenny
Steve Hornby

There are also a network local Napo representatives

Napo National Officials:
Sarah Friday, National Official
Dean Rogers, Napo Assistant General Secretary

Napo adminstrators:
Jacqui Paryag
Cynthia Griffith