Another SSCL screw up

Napo members have been contacting HQ worried after receiving demands from NPS payroll for historic overpayments to be returned.

These overpayments range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds and date as far back as the creation of the NPS in 2014.

Napo is of course challenging this latest systematic failure of the computerised HR and payroll system. Given recent announcements about the future of probation, Napo are in the process of preparing a comprehensive case to present to ministers arguing zero confidence in SSCL and the NPS being able to cope with any of the many complexities that arise from the proposed transfer of CRC staff into the NPS at the ending of CRC contracts.

Given the scale of this issue, Napo have issued guidance on what to do if you receive an overpayment demand.

If you are not yet a member of Napo but encounter this problem we are willing, as part of the collective nature of the dispute, to be flexible around our usual rules about not representing someone who joins with an existing problem.

If someone fills in the questionnaire and joins Napo then we will progress their case alongside others in the same position. However, you must join Napo immediately for us to progress a questionnaire and we will review the level of legal support we can afford to support for members who had not taken out our “employment insurance” by joining Napo prior to the overpayment demand arriving.

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