Cooks and Cleaners to sweep up?

Well, we waited, and we waited for the grand announcement about who all these exciting and innovative providers would be, and the Cooks and Cleaners have pitched up.

That’s no disrespect to anyone working in those two professions of course but it was really no surprise to see the two corporate giants in the form of Sodexo and Interserve being given the green light to own more than half of probation. The pre-announcement lockdown from Noms and Moj was as pathetic as it was chaotic with all sorts of folk running around in ‘Castle Greyskull’ (MoJ HQ) to ensure that this less than riveting non-event was kept super -secret until the last moment.

For us this whole pantomime changes absolutely nothing in terms of our continuing campaign and our moves towards exhausting all our legal options. Neither does it change the inescapable facts:

·         That this shambolic and corrupt reform is all about ideology and self -aggrandisement

·         That these would be providers are buying into a project that is unproven and commercially risky

·         That before contracts are awarded (and after igf it happens) Napo will be exposing every single example that we can of previous government contract failures and mistreatment of employees

·         That we will lobby for an incoming government to revoke the CRC contracts without compensation

·         That every case of maladministration or serious cases of further harm that occur if contracts are awarded in the unsafe environment that Grayling has created will be given the highest profile possible.

·         That this union will never give up on our quest for reunification of the probation service.

·         The struggle continues.


More news to follow soon.

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