E3 Phase 2 now out for consultation

Many of the difficulties we encountered during Phase 1 of the so called efficiency, effectiveness and excellence programme (E3), were usually down to the usual three M’s. In no particular order these comprised: misinformation, mistrust and mismanagement.

It’s no easy task to manage an NPS Division but there is nothing like making hard for yourselves and your managers when the requirements around consultation are translated into something entirely different as in gung-ho attempts to get them implemented.

I have already had to take up an issue with senior NOMS management about proposed changes to sex offender programmes being packaged as immutable fact on the basis that they have been ‘agreed nationally with the unions’ and so ‘we should get on with it’.

They have not been; and Napo is now starting to gather information that we will feed back into our series of discussions about this phase of E3. Meanwhile a welcome reminder is due to be issued to Divisional Directors that the new proposals should not be implemented until the outcome of national consultation is clear.

This phase of E3 covers the areas of Mappa, VISOR, sex offender interventions, administration, complaints management, and Job role harmonisation.

Input from branches to Klomas@napo.org.uk and ilawrence@napo.org.uk will be very welcome.

AP issues

It’s hardly a surprise that the model rotas for Approved Premises under E3 were not going to be a ‘one size fits all’ job. That’s the problem with operational models that don’t have sufficient flexibility to deal with all of the issues that can crop up amongst such a diverse workforce.

Napo has tried hard to establish some common sense into the situation which has been further complicated by the crass political decision to outsource part of the Double Waking Night Cover operation.

The work we put in to the E3 implementation agreement (which also included a no redundancy agreement in the NPS) meant that that each Approved Premises should work towards agreement on rotas by consultation between management and trade unions.

This is made clear in the helpful letter from Deputy Director Jude Gray  in response to this and a host of other issues including the terms of pay protection.

One letter doesn’t solve all of the issues that will come up but at least we can all start from the same place in discussions at whatever level they are being held.

As the Branch Briefing that we mailed out yesterday says, further issues that arise should be raised with your Link National Officer in the first instance.

N09/2017 E3 Approved Premises

N09/2017 Appendix

NEC to meet next week

We will be taking our pay claim which is based on the 5 key pay principles which we launched last year, to next week’s meeting of Napo’s National Executive Committee.

As usual there will be a packed agenda. This will reflect the huge amount of work that we are trying to deal with from the centre on behalf of our members across 24 employers, which itself is indicative of the workload volumes that you are all having to face.

The creation of a new HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) to replace NOMS may be a major turning point for probation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland - one that places rehabilitation at the heart of the justice sector. Supported by the imminent outcomes (as we have been led to believe) of the Probation System Review next month, this presents an opportunity to repair part of the damage inflicted on staff, clients and the public following the failure of Grayling’s so called TR revolution.

The pace of the prison and probation reforms means that positive pay reform must happen quickly. It also requires that a new pay system is closely aligned to the development of a professional framework that recognises, protects and promotes the professional status and standing of our members who are trying to protect the public by managing complex situations and clients with inadequate resources and unacceptable rates of pay.

More news will follow on pay once the NEC have considered the draft claim for submission.

Great news on training from the GFTU

This week saw the launch of a new and exciting training programme from our friends in the General Federation of Trade Unions.

There are new courses, new ways of teaching, new curricula, and new ways of learning.

Please click here for the link

Former National Officer seeks sponsorship for Edridge

Dave Adams, who stood down as a Napo Vice-chair at the last AGM is clocking up the miles in preparation for his 10k run on the 11th June to raise money for Edridge. He’s aiming for a £500 target for this worthy cause. For more information on how you can support Dave and Edridge click here


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