The great probation rip-off

I have just covered a number of issues in my Napo news article so I wanted to sign this week off with a word or two about the news that Grayling has reportedly included a ‘sabotage clause’ into the intended CRC contracts, so that Labour, should they manage to form a government, can’t cancel them on day one.

I have been about long enough to not be surprised at this (if confirmed) blatant corruption, but if it is the case, then it shows just how desperate the Justice Secretary is to ensure that his rudderless and rust bucket TR flagship stays afloat for a long time after he departs for pastures new; or more as likely screws something else up like he has countless times before.

Labour were quick to pick up on the story and today we have updated Nick Bowes again on our thoughts about this and the direction of the campaign which is entering a critical phase that be warned will not be pretty.

I make no apologies for the use of the ‘blood on his hands’ analogy to my speech to the TUC this week, and the numbers of delegates who approached me and the Napo team afterwards to say how much they agreed with what I had to say was heartening.

Unfortunately, Grayling is a right-wing Thatcherite who believes his own publicity about seeing something through at all costs (to the taxpayer) and any hope that he might listen to reason on TR went ‘up the Swanee’ a long time ago.

Pressure the Libdems

As we start the run in to the general election its odds on that the Libdems will now do anything they can to regain some political self respect for fear that they will be absolutely ‘mullerred’ next May.

When it comes to trying to save jobs and defeating privatisation I am not too proud about who I try to engage with (within reason that is) so I will be doing all I can to try and get some face to face time with the Libdem leadership so that they can hear our political and professional perspective on the TR disaster.

If that happens I will ensure that one of your practitioner National Officers is on the team and I will let you know if or whether we get round the table or not.

Members can help our central campaign by going back to their local Libdem MP time and time again, just like South Yorkshire Branch have done with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who must be sick of the sight of them all by now.  Keep at it folks you are doing a great job.

GS blog will be back online around 21/22 September.

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