Members accept Interserve CRCs pay offer

Napo and UNISON members have voted to accept a pay offer for the five Interserve-owned CRCs.

Napo members voted to accept the pay offer by a margin of 66% to 34% with a 25% turnout. UNISON members voted to accept the pay offer by a margin of 65% to accept 35 % to reject with a 27% turnout.

The Offer is as follows:

  • One incremental progression point from 1 April 2018 for all those not at the top of the pay band (this has already been paid)
  • An increase of 1.5% increase for all pay points in Bands 2 and above, back dated to 1 April 2018
  • Removal of pay band 1 from 1 April 2018, staff on Band 1 at that date would move to Band 2  
  • A commitment to explore a reduction in the number of pay points in forthcoming pay discussions which the Interserve CRCs would want to achieve from 2020 onwards

The Trade Unions did not recommend the deal as it fell short of our claim and the NPS settlement. We did however think it was the best that could be achieved at this time by negotiation and that the prospects of securing a possible further increase would require significant industrial action including strike action.

Members chose to accept the offer. However, the percentage of those in both unions who wanted to reject and fight for more was significant and Interserve must do much more to meet the expectations of their staff around pay.

We expect the payment to be made in February.

Both unions will update members as to progress with the 2019-20 award in due course.



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