Just trying to clear the decks as best I can before some leave, and it's been another crazy day at the ranch and outside of it too with meetings on Measures where we have since heard of a bit of a kafuffle over facilities time (which we are trying to reach an agreement on), which someone, somewhere in the Noms Labyrinth decides that they would issue a Probation Instruction about. It's started to cause even more confusion if that were at all possible, but I have left word that I expect this to be sorted very soon, or we may have to invite our friends in ACAS to get involved.

I am never short of material to write about, just the requisite amount of time that I would like to do it in, but my task tonight has been made that much easier by the reply from the Ministers (via Amy Rees) to the letter that I asked should be read into last week's TRCF minutes as reported in the last mail out.

I think for once I will leave it to members to draw their own obvious conclusions as to its contents, but if you leave a comment on this site that you would like me to forward back to the Moj (and sorry, but it must be printable and not abusive to the individual) I will gladly do so. Meanwhile I will just say: how many times can one spell out that.... IT IS JUST NOT WORKING... FULL STOP.

Normal blog service will resume on 28th April. Have a good Easter.

Amy Rees
Deputy Director, Core Delivery
Rehabilitation Programme
102 Petty France
London SW1H 9AJ

T 020 3334 4994
E amy.rees@justice.gsi.gov.uk


Ian Lawrence
General Secretary

By email

April 2014

Dear Ian


Thank you for your letter of 09 April setting out some of the concerns that Napo hold with the Programme. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank your National Officer, Mike McClelland, for taking the time to write to the Programme setting out some of the feedback you have received from your members on the assignment process and more broadly on the changes being introduced under Transforming Rehabilitation.

I would first like to reassure you that we take very seriously our commitment to engaging with you on the changes we are introducing and to listening to your views and the views of your members. Your feedback is an important part of understanding how we might refine the approach we are taking to implementation of the new working structures and these discussions have enabled us to agree a National Agreement that offers a good deal for staff transferring to the new structures on 01 June.

I have ensured that your letter and the comments provided by Mike McClelland have been put to the Justice Secretary and he has asked me to reply on his behalf. The Justice Secretary, along with his Ministerial team, have asked me to reiterate that they do understand that these changes can be both personally and professionally challenging for probation staff, but by putting them in place the Government can create a system that will have a positive impact on our communities by further reducing reoffending rates.

Looking ahead, as we enter mobilisation we will be continuing to monitor the implementation of the new operating processes and working to finalise preparations for transfer on 01 June. This will be a challenging period as there is a great deal of work to do, and we are grateful for the efforts of all Probation staff are making whilst continuing to deliver a critical service.

As part of these preparations we will continue to discuss the issues you raise through the TRCF, and would welcome the continued referral of your members concerns to us so that we might understand how to further refine the work we are doing.

Both the Department's Ministerial team and its officials take their responsibilities under the Public Sector Equality Duty very seriously and give careful consideration to the equalities implications of any activity they undertake. If you have any evidence of where we may not have taken on board potential equality impacts, issues of discrimination, or indeed any other specific issues mentioned in your letter, you are invited to send these to us and we will give them our full attention.

Yours Sincerely


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