NPS Pay Contractual Increment

Staff working in the NPS below their band maxima will receive their contractual increment in this month’s pay HMPPS confirmed this week.

The NPS have said payments will be paid earlier than has previously been the case to avoid any complications with tax, NI and pension contributions that may arise from back-payments if the increment was delayed and included in 2017-18 pay negotiations.

The scale of the problems with payroll and pensions administration will be raised as priority by Napo with the next Justice Ministers unless they are resolved during the current purdah period prior to the 8 June elections.

CRCs and payment of the increment

Those working in CRCs below their current band maxima are also entitled to the contractual increment. Napo will be reinforcing the need to make the payments officially in the next few days and are expecting NPS contract management teams to support this positive message.

Staff on the band maxima

Although staff at their band maxima are not contractually entitled to an automatic increment, Napo will be pressing for a substantial increase in all of our pay negotiations across probation.

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Payroll and pension administration concerns

For most staff, payments are made as usual. However, changes to working hours or allowances cause the system to breakdown, with the NPS and Shared Services unable to rectify problems quickly.

As well as causing untold grief and stress to members, this incompetence is undermining line managers who are stuck with the responsibility of sorting out problems which are systemic and outside of their control.


Napo has uncovered a range of other pension failings in the MoJ.

Contributions have not always been increased to recognise the new pension principles meaning some civil servants have been short changed.

Napo is not prepared to allow the pension scheme to be undermined and has brought some of the errors to the attention the NPS who are having difficulties addressing them, as they do not have any systems in place to make the necessary adjustments.

Napo campaigning to get this shambles sorted

Napo specifically warned the MoJ about this prior to the staff split but were ignored. Putting it right is proving to be very difficult and expensive. Had it not been for our vigilance and determination to hold NPS officials to account, they would have gone unchallenged.

Napo members can continue to get help and support in sorting these problems out. Any member with a concern should contact their local Napo Representatives who will if necessary liaise with Dean Rogers or email for assistance.

All members can also be certain that Napo will continue to hold the employers to account and protect your entitlements under the local government pension scheme.


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