OMiC dispute still live - Napo not in agreement with stage 2 roll out

This week saw the issuing of a communique and supplementary documents by the NPS to divisional leaders containing details of Phase 2 of the Offender Management in Custody Project.

In August, Napo formally served notice of dispute on the NPS following numerous expressions of concern by our members about many aspects of OMIC. These included:

• Inadequate staffing levels and Probation work being undertaken by untrained and unqualified Prison Staff
• The impact of OMiC on end-to-end client supervision
• The need for continuity of Offender Manager
• OM supervision in ‘For Profit’ Prisons being below the quality and standards we were told would exist

Click here for the link to the website with what has been been exchanged so far, and while it is fair to say that constructive discussions have taken place with Sonia Crozier and her team, we are some way short of securing the assurances that we are seeking to satisfy our members concerns.

This means that Napo is not in agreement with the Phase 2 roll out of OMiC. In our latest reply to the Executive Director we have again indicated that we are prepared to meet and try and find a way through, but if this does not succeed then Napo will need to consider other options that may be open to us.

Members should look out for more news on this important issue which we will issue as soon as it becomes available.

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