Probation staff "scapegoated"

Probation staff are being scapegoated for mistakes caused by Grayling's failed privatisation experiment Napo's GS told Byline magazine.

In his interview with Hardeep Mathura, Ian revealed the union’s caseload of probation officers involved in disciplinary actions or required to provide evidence at inquests following SFOs has increased markedly over the past two to three years.

An anonymous probation officer involved in an SFO told the Byline: “I will never get over the trauma of what happened as a result of the SFO. I will live with that for the rest of my life. But, now the NPS is doubly traumatising me by threatening me with my job, profession and livelihood. No one asked to work in this failed system. The NPS is not fit for purpose but we are the ones carrying the can for it.”

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