Given current developments on a number of fronts I will be posting a new blog this coming Friday as normal.

Meanwhile here is the message of solidarity to our brothers and sisters in the POA that we sent across earlier today.


Mike Rolfe

POA Chair

Dear Mike,

Napo message of solidarity

Napo extends its full support to prison officers and the POA taking action today. The prison service along with all aspects of the justice system is in crisis. The levels of violence experienced by staff and prisoners is wholly unacceptable and we hope that today's action raises awareness amongst the public and forces the government to take immediate action to begin to resolve the issues. The decision to take action would not have been taken lightly and is a last resort for those trying to hold the prison service together for the sake of prisoners and communities.

Yours sincerely


Ian Lawrence                         Yvonne Pattison                   Chris Winters

General Secretary                 National Co-Chair                 National Co-Chair


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