TUC 2014 - News from Liverpool

Napo has had a really successful couple of days here in the maritime quarter of this great city. This morning our two motions seeking support to oppose the TR disaster and the sale of Children's Services were successfully moved by myself and Yvonne Pattison whose speech was especially well received.

Tania Bassett also secured some great coverage for Napo in today's Morning Star TUC special, which is handed out to all those entering the Convention Centre, and has also been busy sharing the speaking engagements at two of the four fringe events that Napo has been invited to. http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-2d83-The-madness-of-Chris-Grayling#...

Apart from that, and the constant interface between the Napo delegation and many old and new contacts, I convened a really useful 12 person telephone conference yesterday involving leading Counsel on the ongoing quest to see whether we can successfully challenge Chris Grayling's TR shambles in the High Court. I cannot report on all that was discussed for obvious reasons, but suffice to say we had other interested parties on the line and the talks provided a timely health check on the progress of our legal campaign and the potential next steps that may be available to us if the MoJ persist with  their strategy of self-delusion and blatant obstruction.

Cramming a lot in 

Since arriving in Liverpool I have been engaged in constructive talks with PCS over Napo's representational rights in NOMS, listened to Ed Milliband explain the case against an independent Scotland and met with Labours latest rising star Chuka Umunna, the Shadow Business Secretary. I also put the new head of ACAS on alert that their services might be needed again if Noms try to renege on the TR Staff Transfer Agreement and I updated a number of visiting MP's at last nights General Council dinner as well as Napo's favourite social commentator Owen Jones (the Guardian), about the TR situation. 

In stark contrast to all this, I am also trying to arrange for the delegation to meet with an especially courageous woman Martha Diaz, whose trade union activities in Colombia (helping people and speaking out against injustice) have caused her to be targeted by right wing death squads who have twice tried to assassinate her.

As I listen to an earnest but dreadfully dull speech from the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney, (who resembles a younger Sean Connery but is not half as interesting)  I have had to remind myself to avoid another justified ear bend from Kath Falcon for being late with my AGM report and programme introduction which are definitely next on the 'to do' list!





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