Members will by now be aware that Tom Rendon has decided to step down from his role as National Chair. I have replied to Tom on a personal basis and wished him well for the future. He has many talents and has made a major contribution to the life and fabric of the union.

I believe that the Napo Officer Group have themselves made a statement in response to Tom’s resignation which should be going out to all members later today.

Meanwhile, the Napo staff and I intend to work in the same way as we have always done in partnership with the elected Officers, to progress the campaign strategy that was agreed by the NEC at their last meeting. This will be crucial as we approach the critical period during which Grayling will seek to push through his blatantly corrupt attempts to sell off of your work and your professional careers.

We lead while others follow

There will be lots to tell you about next week as always, but it’s worth remembering that Napo members have led the way in this campaign, by taking action and standing up for what you believe in, while we have done our best to get regular news to you about what we have been trying to do and our efforts to apply pressure wherever we can in furtherance of our objectives. Moreover, this union has the best track record in terms of standing up for professional standards and defending individual members who are in difficulty.

We remain the union of choice in the Probation Service and we need you to help us maintain and build on that position.

Have another great Bank Holiday weekend. 


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