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Napo is a campaigning union ...

Napo 3Cs Workloads Campaign

Excessive workloads continue to have a massive adverse impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of members and moreover it prohibits the ability of staff working in Probation to carry out their job in a safe and professional way.

Napo launched its 3Cs Workload Campaign in February. The aim of the campaign is  three-fold:

  • 1) Confront the issue of high workloads
  • 2) Challenge the employers to address them
  • 3) Champion professional Standards

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Napo's Probation Pay Campaign

In 2016, Napo helped to secure a comprehensive probation pay review. The review has been positive with employers' representatives recognising the problems that Napo has been highlighting for years. Now the review is entering a critical phase, with officials seeking additional resources from the government to address the problems. Against a backdrop of continuing uncertainty across probation, Napo sees this as a once in a generation opportunity to make a real difference through positive intervention on pay and professional recognition across probation.

By joining Napo and supporting our 5 Key Pay Principles Campaign you can help us to realise this ambition. Find out more


Napo is a founder member of the Justice Unions and Family Courts Parliamentary Group which brings together representatives of the main unions in the Justice and Family Courts Sector, other partner organisations and parliamentarians to raise issues of joint concern within parliament.

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