General update on C19 - Bulletin 4 26-03-2020

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NPS Sick pay and absence management position clarification

Any sickness absence linked to Covid 19 will be excused from the Attendance Management Policy using manager discretion, this is included in the HMPPS FAQs.

If someone has been off sick during the last 12 months for another reason and has exhausted their full pay sick pay there is no change to the contractual entitlement to sick pay so any further period of sickness absence will be paid at the relevant contractual rate (half pay or nil pay). However, if you are fit for work but forced to isolate / shield and unable to work at home this is not sickness absence but special leave with pay. It is important that in these circumstances the line manager ends any previous absence periods on the system to avoid confusion.

CRC and NPS Divisional Exceptional Delivery Models (EDMs)

Now that the overarching EDM has been issued each CRC and NPS division needs to compile their own specific EDM that is in line with the HMPPS model. This is taking a frustratingly long time to be agreed as there can be multiple versions before getting final agreement with the centre.  Any members being asked to work in a way that is outside of the HMPPS EDM should raise this with their manager and contact local reps who can forward to Napo Officers and Officials for escalation to Napo HQ if needed. Please note however that there are likely to be swift changes to operations as the CRC or Divisional EDMs get agreed and rolled out, but this should hopefully reduce some of the issues that are understandably causing concern to our members.

Staff working in Courts, APs and Prisons

There will be specific EDMs for these areas of work and as they are agreed they will be issued via the employer. Updates for Napo members were issued yesterday (25.3.20) and more will follow as soon as we have more information. We are continually pressing for quicker progress in agreeing and issuing these models and guidance.


Katie Lomas             Ian Lawrence
National Chair         General Secretary