Latest PQiP Recruitment Opens Today

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HMPPS has announced that their latest PQiP recruitment campaign (trainee probation officers) opens today, Monday 26 July.

The campaign is open to employees first, prior to extending it to external applicants.

HMPPS say:

"This campaign has option specifically designed for internal candidates with two new internal pathways.

  • New PSO progression for candidantes with and without degrees (graduate and non-graduate)
  • Part-time programme

We have committed to recruiting 1,500 trainee Probation Officers in 2021/22 and offering opportunities to existing staff to apply is an important part of this commitment."

There are two webinars for current staff:

  • Wednesday 28th July - 6pm
  • Thursday 5th August - 12pm

You need to register for these. Please check out the intranet link below if you are interested. Contact your manager, HR or Branch for more information in the first instance.

More information is available on the intranet (Could you be a probation officer? - HMPPS Intranet (