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MTC says its payroll cut off dates are set monthly, so we have not formally arranged future dates yet. However we have agreed they will use the 10th of the month as the cut off for any member wishing to cancel the Napo deduction and if their date falls slightly before this, they will make an exception for Napo cancellation requests for that month.

How it works. Example, if you email before 10th April you will be able to stop deductions leaving your April pay. If you email after 10th April (but before 10th May) the earliest date you can stop deductions will be from your May salary. The last Napo deduction will therefore be taken from your April salary.

When you email payroll give them: Name, Payroll Number (on your salary advice slip), where you work, which CRC, and request that they stop your Napo (union) subscription salary deduction FROM - give them the next date on from the payroll cut off date. MTC has espcially asked that you do give the month - so they know you are aware of when your Napo deductions will cease.

COPY in to the email so WE know when your subs will stop and we can ensure when your direct debit is taken to account for this.

Ask them to confirm in writing (email) what will be the LAST pay date from which a deduction will be made.


Dear Payroll

Your name - Your Payroll Number - Your CRC

I am writing to request that you stop deducting my Napo subscriptions from my salary with effect from - MONTH following the paydate cut off point.

I intend paying my union subscriptions by direct debit in future and will therefore make my own arrangements.

Please confirm in writing (email to this address will be fine).

If you require any further information or have any questions you can contact me at this email (or telephone - optional).

Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Yours etc.

Copy the above - filling in the gaps - and email it to

NOW - if you haven't already done so - go to and take out your direct debit to Napo safely knowing that you will not be paying twice in one month.

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