Napo Equality Courses 2021

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Race discrimination:  Date 27 & 28 October 2021

This is a short course running over 2 half-day sessions that will introduce you to the daily problems that race discrimination can cause for workplace colleagues.

The course will identify the key issues facing Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff in the workplace and what rights staff have in the workplace.  You will work interactively on case studies to identify a trade union approach to dealing with race discrimination in your workplace.  As this course takes place in Black History Month there will also be discussion on why it is important to recognise that Black History is important to everyone.

Disability awareness: 17 & 18 November 2021

This short course which runs over 2 half day sessions is an online interactive course which takes a clear look at issues surrounding disability in the workplace.

The course will review issues that affect disabled members in the workplace and will, via case studies, look at ways to develop a trade union response to them.  The course will also cover the most up-to-date legislation covering disability and will spend time exploring the meaning of reasonable adjustments and how these can be achieved in the workplace.

Dyslexia awareness: 25 & 26 November 2021

This is an introductory course for those who want to improve their understanding of dyslexia and how it affects people in the workplace.

The course runs for 2 sessions over 2 days and involves individual activities, group work and discussion as well as finding out further information from your employer / NAPO and outside sources. It is not designed to make you into a ‘dyslexia expert’ but to introduce you to some of the key issues facing individuals and the employing organisation. In particular, the course aims to help you to understand the most common characteristics associated with dyslexia and the barriers faced by people with dyslexia.

LGBT+ Discrimination: 9 & 10 December 2021

This short course which runs over 2 half day sessions is an online interactive course which takes a clear look at issues faced by LGBT+ members in the workplace.

This course will cover the legal entitlements of LGBT+ members at work and look at any recent case decision as well as enabling reps to develop their skills in dealing with the issues faced by LGBT+ members at work.  The course will look at actual case studies to develop appropriate trade union responses to the issues LGBT+ members face.


To register for any of these courses or for more information please contact Shireena Suleman on