Napo Health and Safety Reps Training

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All new Napo safety reps need to attend a training course. Attending the Napo Introductory safety rep training (see details below) is sufficient – but you might want to extend your knowledge by attending the TUC h&s rep courses (also see below for more info) that are longer and therefore go into more detail that the Napo course.

It is important to that you attend a training course because safety reps have more legal rights than union reps, so you need to learn about these! You are entitled to paid time off to attend safety rep training.

Napo Introductory H&S reps training

This course complements TUC safety rep training and runs over two or three days (depending on course requirements and number of reps attending). Activities are taken from real examples of h&s problems encountered by our probation and family court representatives. We invite CRC/NPS and family court health and safety managers to attend the training to speak about their role in relation to safety reps and their responsibilities.  

The training course is suitable for Napo members who want to become Napo safety reps, for those that want a refresher and for Napo reps that do not want to be safety reps do but want to know more about health and safety legislation that they can use in other areas of their TU work.

Napo Introductory safety rep course covers

The basics of health and safety law, the role of the safety rep including attending safety committee meetings, workplace inspections and risk assessments and the details of safety reps entitlement to paid time off for training and carry out their functions.

TUC safety rep training

Health & Safety Stage 1

This is the first stage in the TUC health and safety training programme. It is designed to help the safety rep build the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to carry out their work as a safety rep.

Health & Safety Stage 2  

The course builds upon the TUC Stage 1 health and safety representatives course and will help the rep to further develop their confidence, experience, knowledge and skills.

TUC Diploma Course in Occupational Health and Safety

The course gives learners the opportunity to question the development and function of health and safety law, discover how to build trade union organisation for health and safety and tackle some of the health, safety, welfare and environmental problems that workers currently face.

Most TUC courses are now online; with only a few still class-room based and held in further or Higher Education colleges.