Napo Health and Safety Reps Training

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TUC H&S Training

All reps should attend Health & Safety Stage 1    If after this you are interested in more training, the next stage is to attend Health & Safety Stage 2  course and then the  Diploma Course in Occupational Health and Safety. The most usual provider is the TUC (Trade Union Congress). Training takes place all over the country usually at Further or Higher Education colleges. Courses can also be done online.

If you attend the Stage 1 course, you might be asked to provide information on the recognition agreement or other policies that allow Napo to negotiate around health & safety. The attached documents are relevant if you work for the NPS. If you are employed in a CRC you should ask your Health & Safety Advisor for the relevant documents.

Model Divisional H&S  Policy V3 Nov 2014

Model Terms of Reference NPS Divisional H&S Committee V4 Dec 2014

PSI 42 2010 Revision V4 Oct 2014 - Policy, Organisation and Summary Arrangements for the Management of Health and Safety

NPS Midlands Health & Safety Policy Oct 2014

Napo 2-day introductory H&S Reps training

Available if 6 or more people in your Napo branch are interested: find out more here