NPS Bonus scheme causes predicted anger from members

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We have been fielding a number of enquiries from members who have expressed their dismay at today’s announcement of a limited bonus scheme which will be payable to some NPS staff.

This scheme was detailed in the NPS pay offer ballot material where it was made clear that it was not negotiated and that the Probation unions had no say in the allocation. We were as frustrated as anyone about the limitations placed on the payments and continue to press HMPPS to rectify the situation by making a similar offer to the remainder of staff. We predicted the understandable anger and distress that will be caused when staff realise they have been deliberately left out of the scheme.

RPDs asked to intervene!

Meanwhile, we understand that Regional Probation Directors have been encouraged to use their Reward and Recognition budgets to fill in the gaps, this is cold comfort to everyone who has worked hard to keep the service going through the pandemic, but we are asking our NPS representatives to ensure that this issue is raised via JCC meetings to ensure that pressure is maintained in this regard.
We will continue to work on bringing an end to divisive schemes of this nature and will be raising it as we discuss future pay arrangements with the HMPPS.

Ian Lawrence                   Katie Lomas
General Secretary           National Chair