Webinar 1 - Resettlement after short prison sentences: What might work in England and Wales

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This webinar is presented by Peter Raynor and is based on his article published in the Special Issue of the Probation Journal on Resettlement and Reintegration: Policy and Practice. In the webinar Peter explores the recent history of resettlement provision for people sentenced to short prison sentences in England and Wales, including the legacies of the Transforming Rehabilitation reforms. Based on research evidence he argues that there should be more selective and individualized supports, with less coercion and more choice provided for service users.

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Peter Raynor is a former probation officer, currently Research Professor in the School of Law at Swansea University and a Visiting Professor at the University of South Wales. He has carried out research mainly on the effectiveness and impact of probation services, including work on programmes, pre-sentence reports, risk and need assessment, prisoner resettlement, the experiences of Black and Asian probationers and the skills used by practitioners in face-to-face work with offenders. His work has led to over 200 publications. He is currently a member of the Correctional Services Accreditation and Advice Panel for England and Wales and the Chief Probation Inspector’s Expert Advisory Group. In the academic world he has served on two Research Assessment Exercise Panels and is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. In 2016 he was presented with the inaugural Research Award of the Confederation of European Probation at its General Assembly in Bucharest, for his research showing how skilled one-to-one supervision can lead to lower reoffending. In 2017 he was a keynote speaker at the World Congress of Probation in Tokyo.