Application to Re-join Napo / Agency Workers Application

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To re-join Napo, we need you to confirm your current details in order to reactivate your Napo membership. 

If you work for an Agency then please complete this form.

You will be asked to complete a Direct Debit mandate once you have completed this form.  Click here to view the current subscription rates,

Please complete this form in UPPER CASE. 

Qualifying Membership Period

There is a requirement that you have three months membership in order to have a case considered for referral for legal representation, but as a new member of Napo you can expect to get local support and representation and to be involved in collective bargaining and democratic activities as soon as you join.

Privacy Notice

Napo uses the information in this form to provide you with the benefits of membership, collect membership subscriptions and to make sure that Napo complies with legal obligations in relation to ballots and our internal democracy.  For more information on your rights in relation to your data and our privacy policy see our Privacy Statement on the website or email the Napo Data Protection Officer at to request an emailed copy or paper copy.




Napo asks for your date of birth so that it can be used as a security question when you call us for information about your membership and also to help us to identify you if you do not have your membership number to hand.




Subscription rates are detailed here - please refer to this for further details and ensure that you also complete the Direct Debit form after you have completed this form.


Full members' subscriptions are based on salary.  Some membership categories are entitled to a reduced subscription rate.  Full members should pay by Direct Debit.

It is your personal responsibility to ensure that your subscriptions are paid to Napo and are the correct amount.  If your salary changes or your circumstances change (e.g. maternity leave, career break, long term sick, etc.), you will need to ensure that you inform Napo so that your Direct Debit amount can be updated.

If you are employed through an agency, it is your personal responsibility to let us know whenever your employment status changes.

You must tell us your gross annual salary so that Napo can ensure that the correct Direct Debit subscription rate is applied to you.



Members employed by the NPS and CRC's, Agencies and other Probation employers shall be members of the branch covering the area in which they are employed.  PBNI members shall be members of the Northern Ireland Branch.  Cafcass members shall be members of the Family Court Section.  These arrangements may be varied by the National Executive Committee in exceptional circumstances, on application.


Occasionally Napo may pass on personal information to approved parties, e.g. solicitors, UIA, but only if you consent by selecting "Yes" below.  This information will be used to assist our representation of members and/or improve our services to you.

Please ensure that you have completed all sections of this form.  Incomplete information may result in your application being delayed or returned.

Once completed, click on the "Submit" button to send it directly to the Napo Membership Department.  You can scan or photgraph your completed Direct Debit mandate and email it to


By signing this form you are agreeing to promote & abide by the diversity and anti-discriminatory beliefs and policies of Napo.



This information will be retained in confidence for statistical purposes and may be used by the union to advise you of any initiatives in relation to diversity.

Equality Act

The Equality Act 2010 protects people with disabilities, including people with long-term health conditions.

Gender Identity