Napo's Hidden Disabilities Week 2nd - 6th October 2017

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Today is the launch of Napo’s Hidden Disabilities week which you will have already seen some information about. This week, Napo will be sending all members a different factsheet each day on a specific hidden disability and how it impacts on the owner of that disability.  We hope that this will help raise awareness and achieve a better understanding between those with a hidden disability and those without.

The first hidden disability we are covering is Fibromyalgia – please click on the links below to see the factsheets - a new one will be added each day

If you have any questions about disability related matters at work please do get in touch with your local branch or get in touch with Napo head office at


Hidden Disabilties Factsheet

Fibromyalgia Factsheet

Crohns Disease Factsheet

Dyspraxia Factsheet

Lupus Factsheet

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Factsheet